About Me


I work in I.T. and started my snake hobby on the side in 2020. I fell in love with the dark genes, pattern changers, and high contrast morphs. Ball pythons are super cute and sweet snakes. I hope to bring more to the drastic differences in morphs, patterns, and colors.  


You will find my available noodles.


You will find the latest clutches and baby noodles.


You will find current and past noodle pairings.

My Noodle TEAM


Rosie is our first ball python. She is an Ivory GHI Spider. She is a sweetheart and loves to hang out. New findings, she is also Spider and GHI.


Texas was named by my daughter. Texas always has a great feeding response. She is a PieBald morph.


Bubbles is a Mohagony het Albino. He is a silly boy who only eats his meal after two seperate squeezes. 

Prince Jake

Prince Jake was named by my daughter. She loves to show him to her school mates. He is a sweety. He is Banana, Orange Dream, Pastel, Mystic and possible yellowbelly.


Sunflower is a shy girl. She only likes live mice. I am working on getting her to move over to frozen/thawed rats. She is a Pastel Clown.


Cable is a growing fast, and slams the meals down. She never misses a feeding. On non-feeding days she is layed back. She is a YellowBelly Asphalt.


Bell is a shy girl and goes on and off feed. She was a bit nippy when I first got her , but has calmed down and is a sweety. She is a Enchi Bamboo.


He looks like a toasted marshmellow. My daughter and I agreed on naming him Smores. He is a Pastel Calico.


Pixel is our newest addition. She comes from Germany and is part of the new Twister project.


Neptune is our largest female. She is has a great appitite and mellow snake. She is a normal ball python and 100% het Albino.


Venus is an aggressive feeder. She comes flying out during feeding time and never misses out on a meal. She is fine on non-feeding days. She is a Black Pastel Mojave.


Tux is a sweet boy. He loves to inspect and wonder around. He is a Cypress morph.